Monday, January 23, 2012

Wedding Of The Year = Time Off For Good Behaviour!

So Man and I tied the knot last year and I've been ever so busy being ever so busy...

It was a beautiful day full of the usual hilarity, a few tears and drunken guests falling over - it was the best day ever!

So what about my acting....well the truth is I haven't done any, not an audition, not a casting, nothing, nada, zip.


However it's a new year and I've been thinking of starting it all up again, you know, the rejection, the humiliation, the cost - plus the brilliantly comical blog.

So it's time to raid my new hubby's coffers for some headshots, I'll keep you posted peeps!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dilemma Of A Skint Actress!

So I did an audition in Manchester today, pretending to drive a car whilst singing along to a famous Beach Boys song. At first I tried hard to avoid miming driving - there's nothing worse is there? I thought better to do nothing than mime badly - the advert will be driving a real car so why embarrass myself? All went well but apparently I didn't look like I was driving, according to the flu ridden, yet lovely casting director. I did it again WITH the hilarious driving actions then quickly buggered off for a cool, crisp glass of Chablis in the sun with Man.

All in all pretty unremarkable...

...until tonight when I got a message on my phone asking someone called Nina to go to London tomorrow for a recall? So my dilemma is, do I:

a) Pretend to be someone called Nina and hot foot it down to London tomorrow?
b) Call the casting flunky and inform her of her rather insulting mistake?
C) Call The Cheerful Agent early and get her to sort it out?

On another note I find this a further example of a casting agency calling late, after 9pm for a casting involving a 300 mile round trip the following morning, with the wrong information and not offering a recall fee. So I would be massively out of pocket even if I was available to go!

Option C I think! It's a job for The Cheerful Agent...hope she's cheerful at 7 o'clock in the morning????

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm An Information Giving Northerner In Soapland...

...and the sooner I accept that the better! No I'm not the actress with the dramatic speech castigating her soap husband! No I'm not the actress tearing anothers hair out over some wimpy bloke with money.

I really must learn that I'm the northern actress who gives information, you know like:

"the post office is on the right down there love," 
"the doctor will see you now Mrs. Sharples,"
"Oi, there's no point banging on that front door - they've gone away."

Case in point I went to an audition last week, braving the snow and ice to get there over the countrys' highest motorway to read for the part of a PC in an up and coming major storyline. This storyline is very shocking and needs to be handled truthfully and sensitively. It's a major scene I'm auditioning for, so I pick up my script expecting some thought to have gone into the lines that I am to say...

But no I'm the information giving northerner AGAIN. I obviously cannot quote these lines here yet for fear of recriminations but I assure you my fellow outsiders that sometimes information giving sucks and this actress is longing to be the one that shows emotion to another actresses I.G!!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A very merry yuletide to you all!

Yes, it's true I've been away for quite a while, unfortunately not working but having some family problems that have needed my full attention. ButI'm going to start my blog again so Merry Christmas to you all!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


...the ashes of the Corrie cat (in the credits), Frisky, sold recently for £844.

Proving once again how people will buy any old crap if it's been on a soap. I mean seriously, what do you do with them once you've got them home?

And let's take a moment to think about Frisky's owners who sold the ashes... don't you think that's a little exploitative? When my cats die I wouldn't part with the ashes as they are a much beloved pet.

What's next? One of Jack Duckworth's pigeon breasts? Or a genuine slug from one of Roy's Rolls?

Get a grip people!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Corrie Cull

There's to be a cull on Corrie....

....poor actors! Proving once again that when new producers arrive no character is safe!

I guess it must be very hard for the actor or actress with their feet firmly under the Formica Coronation Street  table? With their mortgage for large house in Cheshire / posh car / kids in private schools / lifestyle of being able to go into any shop and buy what they want without thinking about it / admittance to any posh club or restaurant or bar of their choosing / magazine spreads. To have all of this ripped away from them just by a change of management at the top of the food chain....

Almost makes one feel sorry for them....
WAIT, I said almost!


The curtain has come down on the challenging piece of theatre I've been doing for the past 6 weeks. I've enjoyed it immensely and we've had some excellent reviews too. Being up on stage again after such a long absence was an exhilarating experience and one that I'm keen to repeat as soon as possible.

I'm now looking for a more mainstream piece of theatre to sink my teeth into, to dream of as I polish up my latest audition piece for my new acting class tomorrow. I feel very confident about what the future holds, especially as I know that I really want to do this again! No more hiding in my little village waiting for the phone to ring and for it to be the smiling agent! No this actress outside London is going to get her butt into gear and get some work sorted out. I now know again that I have a talent, I just need to find a way to share it with the world!

Watch this space, or even this blog!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I've got an audition for a big west-end/no.1 tour musical on Weds. I've not sung in about a year or so, got tomorrow to learn a song and a piece. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm very excited!

They'd be lucky to get me in their show, just got to keep reminding myself until I believe it too!!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Play Is Now Open!

So the play I'm doing is now up and running and I've got a few days off to recover before the next bit of touring! Naturally as this is an anonymous blog I can't tell you when or when but rest assured it's a quality piece.

It's been a great experience so far, bloody hard work but I've met some lovely people. Nobody is too luvvie and, at the moment, any niggles within the group of actors is being handled very diplomatically. I'm pleased because when I signed up to do this play I was dreading the possibility of working with some awful people! I'm really enjoying being back on the stage and doing character work. So much of the jobs I've done have no real development of character, in TV there is never any time to explore or even discuss how to play it. Film does allow more time but hasn't given me the opportunity to shine yet!

However theatre is the place to develop these skills and I'm realising that I've left it far too long. Let's hope that some caster or director will see me in this and recognise my talent and give me another opportunity because I'm loving this experience and I want to do it again soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where is the Talent?

Katie Price and Alex Reid got "blessed" this recently to maximum publicity and an ITV deal worth so much money (plus a free 5 star Thai honeymoon with three camera crews on board - how romantic?)

It got me thinking, just what exactly is the talent of Mrs. Reid? What does she do? She has an empire of business assets, clearly some good advisors, but what exactly is this talent that she sells herself on?

Ask any young girl and she'll name Katie Price as a role model but why? Why was she awarded Mum of the year? Mum of the year to a woman who constantly parades her children in front of the media? REALLY?

So she shoots a good sex photo, that is a talent (but the press will take photos of any semi naked, big breasted woman) and she hasn't done that for a long while. She publishes adult and children's books in her name that she doesn't write! 23 books so far: 17 for children, 3 novels and 3 volumes of her autobiography. YES 3 VOLUMES! She has an equestrian clothing range (in pink), a crying baby doll (probably in pink), 2 perfumes, a new single out (give it up Katie you can't sing!) and, according to one source, has recently signed a multimillion pound deal to front shows on Virgin media.

It seems to me that Mrs Reid has made a living purely on her celebrity. The word celebrity means to be widely honoured and acclaimed, however it seems to me a sad time we live in when we apply this to someone with no talent to talk of except for manipulation? Surely we should celebrate people that save lives, climb mountains, sail single handedly around our globe, sing beautifully, paint inspiration, act in something that changes the world? Surely those kind of people should be our role models? Shouldn't they?

There was a fly in my room last night that repeatedly woke me up with it's constant need for attention. I'm thinking of calling it Katie Price!